The beginnings of CS II International Inc. reach far back to 1995 to Singapore, when three friends fascinated by cars opened a company offering coating care and maintenance services. Thanks to their knowledge about varnish coatings gathered in the shipbuilding industry, intensive work with specialists from the chemical industry, in 2005 the firm achieved a great success presenting their clients the “CS-II Unique” varnish, a patented and pioneering service for varnish protection, that allows to preserve car body coating in state of factory freshness and protects it from fine scratches and impurities such as acid rain, fumes, air pollution or bird droppings…

In 2010, the firm comprised four branches in Singapore which employed 30 persons with over 80,000 transactions in the automotive industry. In 2011, the firm opened its first international branch in California and expanded its product range and services with an offer for distribution companies and auto repair shops in the United States. Business operations were then expanded across Asia, with further affiliates opened in the Near East, and currently opened in Europe.

For better placement on the automotive market, the firm decided to open a CS-II International Training Institute to teach young entrepreneurs technical skills necessary to run own auto dealing firms. This versatile educational program was developed for the needs of the USA market, and is currently polished and tailored to the European market.