Replacing wax, Aqua protects and polishes your car with layers of silica and silicone resin.

Aqua is an ecological, safe and non-wax product for surface care. Liquid glass for car care has been used widely in Asia, Europe, Japan for over a decade.  Liquid glass Aqua 4 is a fluid form of silica glass. The innovative technology has made it possible to use liquid glass in normal temperatures without the need for professional gear. Glass is one of the most stable materials available in nature. It’s hard and resistant to chemicals. Glass is easy to keep clean. Think about ceramic utensils and kitchen bowls. The dirt washes off just like that! Glass doesn’t lose its shine! This very fine layer binds the inside varnish coat. If you look at the car varnish through a high-performance microscope, you can see may micropores. Nanoparticles of fused quartz penetrate these holes to bind the first layer of varnish, giving a strong finish, which doesn’t crack! Silicone resin is extremely water resistant. Due to its smooth surface, it facilitates wiping of the surface. Water drops fall at the speed of 35 miles per hour. Water doesn’t adhere to the car surface, which dries quickly as a result. Just spray it with Aqua, rinse with water, wipe dry and lightly polish with a clean and dry microfiber towel. Multiple use allows to obtain shine resembling a sheet of glass. Each time you apply Aqua, the glass layer thickens on the surface of your car. It doesn’t just increase shine, but also resistance of the varnish surface, improving protection and durability.
This self-improvement function cannot be found in any other wax nor car care products. The glass layer provides additional protection that lasts to 6 months or longer with multiple use. A layer of Aqua resin ensures months of protection. Aqua makes the car surface water resistant, thanks to which the water glides off the layered surface and removes unwanted stains. There is no need to use professional gear to apply Aqua. The glass layer formed with the use of water features an H grade of harness according to the industry standard. This means, that it can protect from mild scratches caused by iron dust, weeds and nails. Aqua creates a smooth finish, that repels animal droppings and dirt. Glass makes for good protection from acid rain, sea salt, road salt and other chemicals. Nanoparticles of silica glass penetrate the car varnish particles and bind with them, creating a firm protective layer that ensures a permanent bond. Silicone resin protects the layer of silica glass, giving a very smooth and shiny finish. It also creates a hydrophobic layer. It creates resin protection of the varnish, which can additionally be layered, making its durability extend to two years. The product is also targeted at clients, who are just starting their adventure with coatings. Advantages are: shine and depth of color.