CS-II titanium coat is the most superb titanium car coating in the world. It uses new-generation protective layers for car surfaces. An extremely durable crystal coat acts as a protective armor from acid rain, bird droppings, road sediments, tar and damaging UV rays. It maintains shine and colors of the varnish, ensuring the highest class of harness (9 h) and the adhesive force minimizes appearance of mild scratches. Thanks to this, the varnish is protected and has a longer life cycle. Another key advantage of the titanium coat is deep shine and finish. Ultimately, this will make future cleaning of your car quicker and easier!

Advantages of titanium coat:

  • Permanent protection

  • High adhesion

  • Resistance to scratching

  • No cracks, which makes the surface easy to clean

  • It retains deep shine for a maximum of 10 years

  • Properties that prevent contamination / scratching

  • Resistant to mild scratches and marks

  • Less water stains and finger prints

  • Permanent, easy to clean surface. Self-cleaning effect.

  • Quick drying, perfect brightness, high shine and hardness.

  • Perfect chemical resistance and color stability.

  • Easy to clean surface that protects against salts, calcium, oil, grease and other impurities.

  • Blocking UV rays (90%) and thermal resistance, resistance to weather conditions

  • Retains salt efflorescence

  • Protects against insects

  • Preserves car resale value

  • No need to wax or polish for up to 10 years