CS-II TitaniumSH is the newest layer, that takes the varnish industry into a whole new direction. 
In case of most coats, pressure is put on maximum hardness (9h), yet we felt that a softer layer, which would self-regenerate under the influence of UV rays would be a lot more beneficial, than an attempt to create a scratch-resistant surface. The most important thing is that applying a hard layer on a soft varnish will not cause it to be resistant to scratching, so why not regenerate it automatically when its outside? Regeneration does not mean that you can scratch the varnish with a key and expect it to magically disappear, but it does not also mean that it’s easy to scratch. The actual resistance to scratching is comparable to other coats, but thanks to the fact that it’s softer, the coat has an ability to regenerate under heat conditions. Limitations of this technology are similar to what can be found in the best foils for varnish protection – Suntek and Xpel, except cases where there’s a need for a heat gun or hair dryer to repair the damage. In our case, all you need is 43-65 degrees C, which can easily be reached on a sunny day.

Advantages of TitaniumSH coat: 

  • Permanent protection

  • Regeneration of damages and mild scratches at 37 – 65 degrees C

  • Smooth surface

  • High adhesion

  • Resistance to scratching

  • No cracks, which makes the surface easy to clean

  • Retains a high shine for 3 years

  • Properties that prevent contamination / scratching

  • Resistant to mild scratches and marks

  • Less water stains and finger prints

  • Permanent, easy to clean surface. Self-cleaning effect

  • Quick drying, perfect quality, high shine and hardness

  • Perfect chemical resistance and color stability.

  • Easy to clean surface that protects against salts, calcium, oil, grease and other impurities

  • Blocking UV rays (90%) and thermal resistance, resistance to weather conditions

  • Retains salt efflorescence

  • Insect repellent

  • Preserves car resale value

  • No need to wax or polish for 3-5 years

CS-II Titanium may be used by Certified CS-II Professionals only.

Ultrathin, transparent coat, that adheres completely to the glass surface and ensures protection, that repels both water and oil stains, and makes cleaning easier thanks to the use of solely water and a soft detergent or microfiber cloth.