Alfa 45

Protection of wheel rims. Manufactures in America specially for vehicle rims. The agent contained in Alfa 45 creates a protective filter, that repels dirt and leaves a shiny, bright finish. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, cleaning wheel rims has never been so easy. Advantages of Alfa 45 Resistance to scratching Retains high shine for 2

Fabric Coating

Fabric protection treatment ensures invisible, hydrophobic barrier protecting various material surfaces, including convertible roofs. increases durability, counteracts discoloration, makes cleaning easy. Long-lasting effect for approximately 2 years Retains properties of the material Allows to keep the vehicle clean Great for bright interiors The best product on the market for convertible roofs, where exposure to atmospheric

Clear Vue

Ultrathin, transparent coat, that adheres completely to the glass surface and ensures protection, that repels both water and oil stains, and makes cleaning easier thanks to the use of solely water and a soft detergent or microfiber cloth. CS-II Clear VUE glass coat is a protective layer that provides an invisible, hydrophobic, non-stick barrier protecting


  Replacing wax, Aqua protects and polishes your car with layers of silica and silicone resin. Aqua is an ecological, safe and non-wax product for surface care. Liquid glass for car care has been used widely in Asia, Europe, Japan for over a decade.  Liquid glass Aqua 4 is a fluid form of silica glass. The

Stage 2

Stage 2 coat lasts from 18 to 24 months and is the perfect coating for beginners, who are just starting and have a limited budget. When applied professionally, Stage II coat creates 5,000 resin nanoparticles per square inch. These particles join with the car varnish and seal it. There is no need for waxing for 18-24


CS-II International Inc. presents a new generation of a varnish protection product “Ceramic Coating” that uses the latest technology. CS-II ceramic coat is a semi-solid ceramic coat, that requires the use of only one thin layer and ensures long-lasting shine and protection. Binding a part of the molecular structure with particles of the surface varnish

Titanium SH

CS-II TitaniumSH is the newest layer, that takes the varnish industry into a whole new direction. In case of most coats, pressure is put on maximum hardness (9h), yet we felt that a softer layer, which would self-regenerate under the influence of UV rays would be a lot more beneficial, than an attempt to create


CS-II titanium coat is the most superb titanium car coating in the world. It uses new-generation protective layers for car surfaces. An extremely durable crystal coat acts as a protective armor from acid rain, bird droppings, road sediments, tar and damaging UV rays. It maintains shine and colors of the varnish, ensuring the highest class